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Begin an epic journey of discovery across our fun and exciting Realms; Art, Biology, Chemistry, Design, English, History, Languages, Mathematics, Music, Physics, Sport, World icons and much more…!

Can you make it to Realm Genius? discover a whole new world as never before.


Choose your special powers and boost through the gaming levels from Foundation to key Stages, 1, 2 and 3 and become a super Realm Genius!

iXploR, have fun and teleport yourself into a wonderful world of discovery!


Collect your bonus points, scoop up your treasures, discover rare gems, earn new skins and unlock rewards!

Win the ULTIMATE SECRET Prize when you become a Realm Genius and master Planet of the Realms!

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Are children prepared for industries of the future?

The education system was designed post industrial revolution to prepare children for factory work and often does not relate to the fast changing world we live in!

The National Curriculum is exam driven and  test based with exams at 7+, 8+, 11+, 13+ with little opportunity to develop skills for non academically inclined children. Parents are paying for expensive tutors not to mention reducing valuable downtime giving children the opportunity for creative play. Children are increasingly becoming anxious, from a young age, with stress impacting their mental and spiritual wellbeing resulting in a loss of the joy of learning.


We want to;

•      Enhance the way children learn and retain knowledge

•      Democratise high quality, creative education

•      Reach every child in every corner of the world


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Curriculum Innovation

We are thrilled to be part of cohort 12 of Europe’s largest EdTech Accelerator – EDUCATE, a partnership with University College London and the Institute of Education, for which we are developing our research proposal to for the ‘EdWards’.

We’ve been busy trying to understand the needs of children and parents to develop the most creative, fun and educational game in the world! Our approach to curriculum innovation includes working with the very best brains & subject specialists. We have been researching how the National Curriculum can be visualised & gamified through immersive technologies. Our methodology involves; market research, interviews, surveys, research trials with our BBB (Board of Brilliant Brains), focus groups with state and independent schools across the world as well as youth centres and ‘hard to reach’ communities working alongside leading universities, world class gaming specialists, SEN & wellbeing experts. All of which will contribute towards our learning outcomes evaluation framework aligned with the National Curriculum, school exams and industries of the future.

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iXploR Realms

iXploR is the world’s first education platform offering subjects from the National Curriculum through gamification, AI and Mixed Reality (XR) immersive technologies.

Catering to 7-14 year olds, we aim to develop a ‘best of breed’ global curriculum, which will eventually be available in different languages.

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Become part of an exciting, creative and transformative business that uses tech for good, and aims to revolutionise the way children learn across the world!

Europe’s largest EdTech accelerator, EDUCATE Accelerator (a partnership with UCL and the Institute of Education), Google for StartUps, JP Morgan Hatch Female Founders Accelerator, Natwest Pre-Accelerator, Accelerator Academy, and Stanford University Launchpad Mentors think we’re quite interesting!

We have successfully secured our first round of funding.
Get in touch if you’re interested in our next round.


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